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your hidden stormwater solution

Aquacomb is an innovative detention and re-use system designed to manage rainwater and stormwater for New Zealand buildings. Aquacomb is a series of interconnected water storage pods that are located within a concrete slab or under driveways or decks.


Having your water stored completely out of sight means there’s more usable space for the homeowner. Aquacomb is cost-effective and in many cases less expensive than other detention and re-use systems.

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Engineered For Life

Aquacomb© uses high quality recycled Polyethylene to construct our stormwater tanks. 

PE will stay strong and not degrade after years of continual use. The connecting pipes (Polypropylene) and seals (EPDM) along with the water pumps are also 100% safe for storing and reusing rainwater.


Aquacomb© water tanks are made from a recycled plastic mix, helping to reduce the environmental impact of your home.


Aquacomb is recommended for incorporation with the QuickSet foundation system

12,000L Aquacomb Installation
14,000L Installation
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7,800L Aquacomb Installation
9,100L Installation
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Witney St Driveway Install (9)
Witney St Driveway Install (9)
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4,500L Aquacomb Installation
4,500L Installation
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Industrial Aquacomb Install
40,000L Installation
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14,000L Aquacomb Installation
12,000L Installation
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Different Options to Suit Your Needs

We supply Aquacomb© in two sizes depending on what stormwater storage requirement you have. Both are made from the same materials and are equally easy to transport and install on-site. The larger of the two sizes increases storage capacity by 40% without increasing the installation costs or square meterage used.

Standard 250L Aquacomb©

Aquacomb's© standard 225mm tall 250L water detention or retention units are scalable and can be used to fulfil any detention or retention requirements. They are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre and install. Ideal in situations where a low profile is important such as under driveways.

Large 350L Aquacomb©

The larger 300mm tall 350L Aquacomb pods are our most popular size- and it’s not hard to see why. The same space with this larger sized Aquacomb© installed increases water storage capacity by 40%