How Aquacomb© is Installed

Inserting flowpipes

Inserting flowpipes

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Site Planning

To make the most of an Aquacomb© water storage solution we recommend working with your architect or engineer to design the required number of Aquacombs© into the concrete waffle slab of your home. They are designed to fit exactly in place of traditional styrofoam insulation blocks to make them easier to plan, determine numbers, and install.

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Site Preparation

Work on the property takes place exactly as any other build or rennovation. The ground work is done in preparation for the concrete slab; dirt is leveled and a moisture barrier or leveling aggregate may be used. Internal piping is installed as per architects plans and the slab is boxed up.

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Aquacombs Installed

Once the prep work is all done it's time to start placing the Aquacombs© in their place. One by one they are placed and fitted together with an easy to use purpose made tool. The gaps where a whole Aquacomb© can not fit are filled with typical styrofoam blocks.

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Final Slab Preparation

Once the Aquacombs© and styrofoam are fitted and in place, the steel reinforcing is installed and fixed. Concrete can then be poured over and leveled in the final stage of installation. 
Your water storage tanks are now invisible!

Detention Silt trap.png

Final Plumbing

This occurs once the slab has dried and the framing is in place. At such stage as a plumber comes to install piping for the house, they can install the discrete pipes and pump system for the Aquacombs©. If being used for detention they connect the guttering to the intake port with a leaf trap in between and the outlet can then be connected to the stormwater connection on the property. If installed for retention then our pump is needed before rainwater can be plumbed into the house.

Technical Specs

Construction material - Polyethylene

Plastic thickness - average 5mm walls

Seal material- EPDM

Load capacity - 2 Tonne UDL

Seal type - Kinetic double acting

Interconnecting pipe material - Polypropylene

All standard Aquacombs are made from a recycled plastic blend, reducing their environmental impact. 100% virgin grade plastic is available for potable water use.

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