Aquacomb Pump System
New plug and play water pump setup for water tanks.
Usable in either potable or non-potable applications!

Installation process:

If your tanks are installed below your pump, a non-return valve (1-way valve) will need to be installed at the lowest point on the line between the tank and the pump.

Before turning the pump on, you will need to fill the pump housing with water. This can easily be done via the priming plug at the top of the stainless steel front housing. This should also fill the entire suction line down to the non-return valve.

This should only need to be done once.


Should the pump run dry at any stage, it will automatically switch itself off, but there will be sufficient water left within the front housing for it to re-prime itself when it is next required.

The auto-restart feature built into the controller will start the pump for 30 seconds every 24hrs until such time as it regains prime. 

Once re-primed the pressure from the pump will override the town pressure coming in from the mains, and continue to supply water from the tanks.

Remember, the easiest way to prolong the life of your pump is ensure no debris can be pumped through it. We recommend installing a pre-pump filter or strainer if your tank contains any debris. Available on request.

This pump setup comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

This pump setup is supplied through Aquacomb by White International NZ.

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