Water Retention

Aquacomb© is the smartest most efficient way of creating a water retention system on any new build. The Aquacomb© solution is designed to be integrated right into the concrete foundation of the home to eliminate any land usage solely for water retention. Big ugly plastic or concrete tanks are not the only way to achieve sufficient water storage for your new home. With Aquacomb© you can free up precious land space for a garden, patio, kids play space or whatever you want to do with your land.

Advantages of Aquacomb©

Free up Land

Common traditional water storage solutions have a large hidden cost that most people don't realise until it is too late. A single large above-ground water tank will steal around 16m2 of usable land space before piping is added. 
Because Aquacomb
© is located in the base slab or under any hard surface like the driveway or an above ground deck, no land space is being used up by your water storage solution.
With the price of land being so high these days, any effort to maximise usable space is always important.

No Excavation Costs

Traditional water tank solutions are either above ground taking up space on your property or need to be buried in the ground. This requires excavation and trucking costs to remove and dispose of dirt, possible craneage costs to place large tanks, and takes time, money and space you could be putting to more important uses. 

Aquacomb© simply replaces the styrofoam pods in your concrete slab or can be located under any hard ground surface like a driveway or under decks, so no extra excavation is needed.

Better Durability

Above ground solutions are susceptible to physical damage from outside forces, and below ground tanks, even if reinforced, can be susceptible to crushing if too much weight is placed over them at any point in their life. Underground tanks also have the issue of 'popping up' out of the ground if the groundwater level rises faster than the tank can fill up. Rated to withstand 2 tonne external force per unit, Aquacomb© is both protected from outside forces and is permanently embedded in your concrete foundation so does not move or shift at any stage in its life.

Combined Use System

Aquacomb© can be installed in the slab and be used for combined detention and retention. Depending on if you have a larger detention requirement or large retention need you can customise how many Aquacomb pods you allocate each purpose. One product, one system, can fill both needs at the same time.

Be Smarter With Water Storage

big plastic tanks
Partially Buried Concrete
Partially Buried Concrete
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In-ground Concrete
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The best water tank is one you can never see. Traditional designs like those pictured steal massive sections of your valuable land that could be put to much better use. These tanks not only steal space but are also large eye sores, ruining the architectural merit of any building they are located next to.

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